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Electronic Lenses
Solar Powered Electronic Lenses
Solex with variable shade and sensitivity controls
The solex variable is offered with vertical and horizontal adapters that fit most
4 1/2"x5 1/4" and 5 1/4"x4 1/2" helmets.
  • Shade Range of 9-13
  • Lightweight and thinner than most
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Oversized solar panel for improved performance
  • Auto On: Ready-to-weld
  • High speed filter darkening
  • Two sensors improve arc detection
  • Clear state of 3.0 for easy job set-up
  • Large easy to adjust controls
  • Switching speed: 400 microseconds
  • Full One Year Warranty

External slide-out lens cartridge holds variety of lenses.
Big Window® lens-maximum visibility!
  • Fitted with our newest design EasyCartridge exterior slide-out cartridge for quick, convenient lens changes.
  • Safety plate replacement from the exterior of the helmet.
  • The Big Window® offers nearly 24 square inches of view area (with standard lens). Standard 5-1/4" x 4-1/2" vertical welding lens for optimal visibility.

NEW!Order your Anser™ helmet with colorful EasyCartridges. Besides giving the Anser a distinctive look, the colorful cartridges can be used to create a color coding system for various lenses and filters.

the 4X4
AutoView® with 4 sensors-1105VXL™
Fits all Huntsman® Big Window® and most manufacturer's large window helmets.

  • 2.4" x 3.8" viewing area.
  • Infinitely adjustable 9 to 12 dark shade.
  • Dark to light delay of 0.1 to .25 of a second. Clear state 2.75.
  • Sensitivity adjustment for low amp TIG to sunlight.
  • Item has 2 or 4 sensors.

The New Era of Solar-Powered Auto-Darkening Filters
  • Switching Speed of 0.8 Milliseconds
  • Two Solar Panels
  • Two Sensors
  • Two Year Warranty
(cartridge fits any 2 x 4 helmet)

  • 0.08 milliseconds switching speed
  • Adjustable sensitivity and delay
  • 1.59" X 3.86" viewing area
  • 9-12 variable shade
  • Clear state of 4
  • 2 sensors
  • Two year warranty

Solex® 2100
Solar powered, lighter and thinner than battery operated lenses
  • Fits 2" X 4 1/4" lens holders only.
  • Exclusively in shade 10/11, clear state 2.75
  • Fits Huntsman® 111P, 411P, 911P, and many other brands of 2" x 4 1/4" lens holders

Newest member of the Solex® line!
Solex® 180
Big Window Viewing 2.4" X 3.8"
  • Fits most vertical 5-1/4" x 4-1/2" lens holders
  • Available in shade 10.5 with clear state of 3

Solex® 190
  • Fits most horizontal 4-1/2" x 5-1/4" lens holders
  • Shade 10.5 with clear state of 3
Welding Helmets
Huntsman® Model 951P with 1105 VXL Autoview Lens
  • 4 Sensor Auto-darkening lens.
  • 2.4" X 3.8" viewing area
  • Huntsman Big Window®
  • Lightweight, durable thermoplastic shell.
  • Huntsman® "Contour Comfort" double-lock headgear & patented Zahnlok® adjustment system.

Huntsman® Model 981P
  • Molded standard window
  • Original Huntsman® shape.
  • Lightweight, durable and washable thermoplastic shell..
  • Huntsman® "Contour Comfort" head gear & patented Zahnlok™ size adjustment system.

Huntsman® Model 930P
  • Lift front.
  • Original Huntsman Style
  • Lightweight, durable and washable.
  • thermoplastic shell.
  • Huntsman® "Contour Comfort" double-lock patented Zahlok® adjustment system.

Huntsman® Model 411P with Standard Shade 10 Lens
  • Heat-resistant vulcanized fiber shell for cool comfort in heavy-duty welding
  • Lightest-weight in the Huntsman line
  • Contour Comfort headgear and ZahnlokTM adjustment system.

Huntsman® Model 911P
with Solex 2000 lens
  • Packaged in full color Point of Purchase box
  • Solar powered electronic lens shade 10/11, with clear state in shade 2.75
  • Sale Price while supplies last
Headgear and Visors
Model "K" Face Saver®
  • Ratchet adjusts in 1/16" increments to exact head-size.
  • "Turn button" visor attachment holds 12" or 15-1/2" visors securely, allowing for fast, easy visor attachment and replacement.
  • Holds a variety of Huntsman® visors.
  • Visor sold separately.

H9154BK Visor
  • Bulk 75/Box
  • 9" x 15.5" x .040"
  • Clear acetate
  • Aluminum binding

Model "P"
  • Enables attachment of a variety of Huntsman® visors to your safety cap.
  • Famous Huntsman® locking device holds visor securely in the down position or up out of the way.
  • Hard hat and visor sold separately.

Ram Cap™
  • Short peak design allows for greater upward vision.
  • Universal slots for hearing, welding and faceshield accessories.
  • Comfy four point nylon suspension with Coolmax® terrycloth sweatband.
  • Meets ANSI standards Z89.1
  • Colors - Orange, blue, white, yellow, red.
  • Greater brow and cheek coverage
  • 4 pt. adjustable temple length
  • Ratcheting temple to change lens angle for ultimate fit

Six-base lens curve and folded back lens design increases peripheral vision and protection
  • Stylish, Durable, modified nylon frames
  • Cudaslide™ adjustable temples with five different lengths
  • Meets CSA Z94.3 high impact requirements